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 Westfield Shopping Centre Fun Facts
The Westfield Centre opened to the public in Shepherd's Bush on 30 October 2008 with a retail floor area of 150,000m≤.
That's a lot of concrete!

It is largest urban shopping mall in Europe and will probably increase rents for everyone in the area.

Westfield features around 255 stores, including these magnificent ones:
(3 servings of fruit a day for a healthy life),
Build-A-Bear Workshop,
(Are you serious!)
(the WI of Department Stores)
French Connection,
(great movie too!)
(no comment)
(fox hunting wear)
Mamas & Papas,
(California Dreamin')
(More healthy fruit),
Marks and Spencer,
(you can buy fruit here)
(shop with famous people)
The multiplex cinema,
(Simply the best)
 Westfield Shopping Centre Rules
Always wear a hoodie with the hood up. I mean do you want your friends to see you here?

Bicycles can be brought but there is nowhere to park them. However all stores will allow you to take your bike everywhere except the changing rooms, which are quite small.

You may be asked to leave if you break the rules by one of the highly experienced security guards posted at all exits. Strip searches are commonplace and x-ray machines are placed at all major intersections.

Say please and thank you often.

All animals are allowed except ones that are not allowed. Monkeys are allowed in ALL areas.

If you see monkeys walking around please be polite.

The following items may NOT be carried on your person or brought into the Westfield Centre or worn on your person:
Crack pipes - They must be purchased at official outlets in the Centre.

Sharp objects like knitting needles.

Cricket bats, wickets or stumps. Pads may be worn if really necessary.

Offensive deodorant or cheap perfume.


Lawyers (unless accompanied by a grandparent)

 Westfield Cinemas aka Vue Cinema Fun Facts

The future of cinema is yours to Vue at Westfield, London from this February. The cutting room becomes cutting edge with the launch of a range of new cinematic experiences that will thrill film lovers in one of Londonís most prestigious venues. The West End has come to Westfield.

  • Scene - Indulge yourself in Vue Scene. Three adult-only screens with luxurious, reclining leather seats, acres of space and a private lounge and bar area. Vue The Future of cinema for pleasure seekers
  • VueXtreme - Super-sized sound and vision, on large-format digital screens the size of four double-decker buses. Vue The Future of Cinema for thrill seekers
  • Discover love at first sit in our luxurious VIP seats

The Westfield Vue cinema at Westfield London will have 14 auditoria with floor to ceiling, wall to wall screens as well as capabilities to show films in 3D format. The seats will be very comfy.

Westfield Cinema will open in Feb 2010 which means you won't be able to go until then, maybe later if they run out of concrete.

Meanwhile enjoy movies at the Vue in Shepherds Bush opposite the Tube station.

Westfield cinema will be located within the brand new Westfield London shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush.




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